All classes are taught in the Viniyoga style with a focus on breath awareness through a mindfulness practice and synchronized movement in traditional yoga postures. Students are offered ways to build strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, focus and relaxation through asana (poses),  pranayama (breath), and meditation. Students are always encouraged to honor their own abilities, modify poses and find what feels good in their body. Instructors will offer modifications- some easier, some harder- to accommodate students’ different abilities in the same class.  Our class names reflect time of day; Morning Inspiration, Noontime Nourishment, Evening De-stress but the format of each class is similar.

Yoga Basics

This beginner level class is a great place to start if you are new to yoga. The instructor will introduce the basic poses and explain how to move and breathe. This is also a perfect class for those wanting to get back to basics in their practice and focus on the fundamentals or for more advanced  students working with an injury.

Level 1

These classes are appropriate for beginners and those who have never practiced yoga before and those wishing for a gentler practice.

Level 2

These classes are appropriate for students who are familiar with yoga and are ready to move on to more advanced poses and techniques.

Level 3

These classes are intended to be challenging (both physically and mentally), and it is recommended that a student have at least six months experience practicing.

Yoga For Pregnancy Classes

These classes are specifically designed to support students from 6 weeks pregnant to full term.  For more information see our Yoga for Pregnancy page.

Infant and Me Postnatal Classes

These classes are a chance to practice yoga with your new baby. This is a supportive practice that helps you with your recovery from birth and addresses some of the physical and emotional demands that caring for your infant can bring. You are welcome to feed and change your baby when needed during class. For more information see our Infant and Me classes page.

Kids Yoga

This program teaches yogic principles to children in a fun and engaging way! Kids and teens learn the value of exercise, good nutrition, the power of creative visualization and the importance of aligning body, mind and spirit. For more information see our Kids Yoga page.