Kid Yoga is a program that teaches yogic principles to children in a fun and engaging way! Kid Yoga’s purpose is to help children see the connection they share with each other, with the planet, and with the universe as a whole. We accomplish this by teaching the value of exercise and good nutrition, the power of creative visualization, and the importance of aligning body, mind, and spirit. Yoga promotes emotional growth and physical well-being too! We believe that gaining an understanding of yogic philosophy early in life can help a child grow to be a happy and healthy adult!

Miss Dana

Dana, more fondly known as “Miss Dana” by her students, has the amazing ability to inspire and motivate others through her contagiously optimistic outlook on life. Always quick to point out the silver lining in the face of adversity, she has helped to light many a path for those who have set out to accomplish sometimes seemingly impossible tasks. During her years in the world of dance, she was very fortunate to have studied ballet and modern dance under the tutelage of Ballet Mistress Suzuko Riewe; of the American Ballet Theater. In 2005 Dana discovered her path to yoga. It began in the presence of Yogi Master, Dr. Michael Gladych, in an amazing exploration of self-inquiry. In 2009 she enrolled in the yoga teacher training program at the Samarya Center in Seattle where she found inspiration, peace, and community. She enthusiastically embraced her time there and has devoted numerous hours to her yoga studies specializing in yoga for kids.