Information for new students

Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to allow time to park, fill out our new student form and get set up for class. Let the person at the front desk know if this is your first class so they can help show you around and help you get settled.

Inform your instructor about any pre-existing physical condition, sports injuries or health concerns that might be relevant to your yoga practice. Your instructor may make recommendations to you before or during practice.

Bring your yoga mat, if you have one. We also have mats, blankets and other props available to use during classes at no cost.

Please turn off or silence all cell phones. This is your time to be present and buzzing phones are distracting.

Leave shoes in the front cubbies and everything else in the hallway cubbies. You are welcome to bring a water bottle with a lid to class.

The instructor sits in front of the tree mural and the students sit in a circle to facilitate community building, not rows.

We ask that you are respectful to fellow students of our  community and not wear perfume or cologne.

You may arrive a few minutes late, however be respectful and set up quietly. The door may be locked 15 minutes after class starts to eliminate walk-through traffic in the welcome area during class.

Practice yoga on and off the mat. Replace all props on the prop shelves neatly with the bolster handles or fold of the blanket outward to make it easy for the next student to remove.

This is our yoga community! Enjoy each other, smile, laugh, love, and discover yoga together.


Q: I’m new to yoga. What class should I start with?

A: We recommend students new to yoga begin with our Yoga Basics or Level 1 classes. Introduction to Yoga Series or Workshops are also a great place to begin

Q: I’m not flexible. Can I still do yoga?

A: Of course! At DY we focus on sensation not shape. It’s about how the pose feels in your body, not what your body looks like in the pose.  We encourage our students to adapt the yoga practice to suit their abilities. For example, it’s not important to be able to touch your toes in a forward bend. It is okay to bend your knees to minimize hamstring tightness and maximize the stretch along your spine. With practice, you will become more flexible in body, breath and mind. Practicing yoga can help prevent injury, loss of mobility, discomfort and can be fun! We welcome students of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Q: Do I have to make an account and sign in for classes ahead of time?

A:  For ongoing Drop-In Classes you don’t have to sign up in advance, but it is useful! You are welcome to simply come to a drop-in classes without first signing up online. Note that occasionally a class fills and so signing up in advance secures your spot.  For Series Classes and Workshops please do sign up in advance, either online or in person at the studio.  We are happy to help you. You can make a MindBody account and manage your sign ins, payments and memberships yourself if you choose to.  (link to the mind body sign in)

Q: Is the studio heated?

A: The studio is usually set to around 70° F. You may warm up once you begin to move. However, some classes are geared more for relaxation and the room may feel cool. Dress in layers, so you can remain comfortable.

Q: How should I prepare for class?

A:  Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. We suggest you refrain from eating one to two hours before class, or only eat sparingly. Moving and breathing on a full stomach can be uncomfortable and distracting.

Q: I’m coming straight from work. Do you have a changing area?

A: Yes, we have two changing areas, and there’s also a bathroom.

Q: I have an injury. Can I still do yoga?

A: We encourage students to honor where they are physically, mentally and emotionally. If you have an injury or other limitation, please let the instructor know so that they  can modify the pose to suit your comfort and physical abilities. Students are always encouraged to work within their own range of abilities and comfort level.

Q: What is the age range for your yoga classes?

A: Our classes usually have a wide range of ages practicing together.  It is one of the beautiful things about the style of yoga we teach at DY.  It is accessible and appropriate for a wide range of ages and abilities.  It isn’t unusual to see people in their teens and early 20s practicing next to someone in their 70s. We also offer classes for kids, prenatal students and ongoing classes for teens to seniors. As long as the teens are willing participants, we welcome them to class. We offer a special teen and senior class rate for drop-in and class passes. (link to prenatal class info and teen/senior discount pricing info)

Q: How many times a week should I practice?

A: As often as you can! Many students strive for a daily practice but even once a week is a great place to start. By committing to coming to class two or even 3 times a week you will see improvements and notice the benefits of your practice grow more quickly and they will be more lasting. When you have some experience, we encourage you to practice between classes at home as well.